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LT15WIDE Sawmill Go Trailer

Descripción LT15WIDE Sawmill Go Trailer

Convert your Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE sawmill into a completely portable sawmill with the LT15WIDE Go Trailer. Engineered with a solid steel frame to withstand heavy log requirements, the LT15WIDE Go Trailer allows sawing logs directly on the trailer with the ability to easily hook-up and GO to your next sawing site. This easy to install trailer package ships on a single pallet and requires minimal assembly time. Mounts to Wood-Mizer LT15WIDE model sawmills. LT15 and LT15START model sawmills are compatible with the standard LT15 Go Trailer. Log loading kit is not available, support equipment is recommended for loading and turning logs.

LT15WIDE Go Trailer Includes

  • Durable steel frame for up to 4,200 lb max log weight capacity

  • Single axle, 2 wheels, and 2 fenders for road travel

  • 8 adjustable outriggers and wrench for simple bed leveling

  • Trailer light kit for highway transport

  • 2" hitch for easy hook-up and GO to your next sawing site

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