Correa de transmisión G2380


Pieza nº: 036636
Compatibilidad: Aserraderos LT300, WM3000, WM3500, WM4000 y WM4500

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Correa de transmisión compatible con los aserraderos Wood-Mizer LT300, WM3000, WM3500, WM4000 y WM4500.
Descripción Correa de transmisión G2380

The G2380 Drive Belt (Part #: 036636) is compatible with Wood-Mizer LT300, WM3000, WM3500, WM4000, and WM4500 sawmills. The approximate life expectancy for this belt is 1,000 hours. To increase life expectancy, make sure it always has proper tension. It may be time to replace your G2380 Drive Belt if you notice any fraying, cracking, or if you run out of adjustment to keep the proper tension. In addition to following the maintenance schedule in your manual, the G2380 Drive Belt will help keep your equipment in great condition so you can continue to enjoy your Wood-Mizer for years to come!

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