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LT35 Debarker

Descripción LT35 Debarker
Keep debris away from your blades without the hassle of power washing. The Wood-Mizer Debarker blade clears a 1/4" wide path in front of where the blade enters the cut, protecting your blades from damage. The Debarker's 3/4HP motor helps extend blade life between sharpenings, as well as extending overall blade life. (Standard on LT70 sawmills)

Mud, rocks, bark, and other sawmill blade dulling debris is no longer a problem with the LT35 sawmill debarker. Powered by a ¾ HP motor, the LT35 sawmill debarker protects sawmill blades from damage by clearing a ¼” wide path in front of where the sawmill blade enters the cut. With a debarker, you will save money by extending your sawmill blade life and you will also save time previously spent on prewashing logs and changing blades more often from sawing into debris. Compatible with most LT35 Manual and LT35 Hydraulic model sawmills after 2013 with version A2.00 up/down system. Contact us to verify sawmill compatibility.

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